Faculty of Medicine 2013

Tamar Mosulishvili – The mechanisms of Ridetherapy Efficiency in Children with benign Hypermobility Joint Syndrome (at the Age 7-14)

Supervisor – Assoc. Prof. m. Loria

Shorena Tsiklauri – Effect of Treatment with Intranasal Electrophoresis of Vanadium on Pathophysiological Mechanisms of Allergic Rhinitis

Supervisor – Prof. N. Saakashvili, Prof. G. Bekaia

Ia Mikadze – The prognosis Meaning of Interleukin-10 and Interleukin-12 in patients with hepatitis C Supervisor – Prof. E. Vashakidze

David Davitashvili – The Role of Oxidative Stress in neurodegenerative Diseases and its Modulation Supervisor – Prof. T. sanikidze, Assoc. prof. N. Pavliashvili

Maia Kharabadze – Features of Anthropometric parameters and Functional Development of School Age Children and Adolescents of Kakheti Region

Supervisors – Prof. M. Betaneli, Prof.R. Khetsuriani

Ketevan Matishvili – Assessment of Motor and Psychosocial Development of Early Age Children with Iron Deficiency Anemia

Supervisor – Prof. N. Manjavidze

levanRatiani – Risk Markers of Atherosclerosis-Induced Cardio-Vascular Disorders in Women of Reproductive and Menopausal Age

Supervisors – Prof. M. Sulakvelidze, Prof. T. sanikidze

Ekaterine Sukhishvili – The Role of Calcitonin Gene-Related Peptide in the Regulation of Blood Pressure in Pregnant Rats in the Survival and Growth of Their Offspring

Supervisors – Prof. G. bekaya, Prof. N. Mitagvaria


 Faculty of Stomatology 2013

Rusudan Kenchadze – Management of Burning Mouth Syndrome Taking into Consideration Various Etiologic Factors

Supervisors – Prof. M. Iverieli, Prof. N. Geladze

Nino Gogebashvili – Changes of Immune Parameters in the Process of Immunomodulation at Periodontitis

Supervisors – Prof. N. Abashidze, Prof. N. Gogebashvili

Faculty of Pharmacy 2013

Anna Bozhadze – Development of Cytotoxic Preparation from Aerial Parts of Celandine (Chelidonium majus L.) for Targeted Delivery

Supervisors – Prof. Al. Bakuridze, Prof. V. Vachnadze

Faculty of Public Health 2013

Ivane Kugoti – Radiation Burden of Population in Some Mountainous Regions of Georgia, Forecasting Long-Term Results and Their Prevention

Supervisor – Prof. N. Vepkhvadze

Shorena Tukvadze – Zinc Deficiency in Childhood: Prophylaxis and Correction by Zinc Fortified Product

Supervisors – Prof. R. Kverenchkhiladze, PhD. R. Kvanchakhadze

Nato Khunashvili – Working Conditions aaaand health Status of Workers in Tbilisi Metropolitan Supervisors – Prof. R. Kverenchkhiladze, PhD. M. Tsimakuridze

Tamar Darsania – Complex Study of Basic Concepts of Nutrition Policy in Georgia Supervisor – Prof. Sh. Zarnadze

Total 15


Faculty of Medicine 2014

Bondo Bzhalava – The Role of Peptide A-Defensin 1 in Development of Cardiovascular Diseases in Patients Suffering from Schizophrenia

Supervisors – Prof. Sh. Petriashvili, Prof. Z. Gurtskaia

Maka khaburzania – Prognostic Importance EEG Characteristics in Comas ofDifferent Etiology Supervisors – Prof. M. Beridze, PhD. M. Virsaladze

Giorgi Parkosadze – The Role of Oxidative Stress in Pathogenesis of Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease in Postmenopausal Women

Supervisors – Prof. M. Sulakvelidze, Prof.T. Sanikidze

Marim Pliasunova – Assessment of Possible Mechanisms for Oral Blood Circulation Changes Induced By Local Anesthetics (an Experimental Study)

Supervisors – Prof. G. Bekaya

Medea Shengelia - The Markers ofGallstone Diseases’ Risk in the Women being in the Period of Menopause

Supervisors – Prof. N. Gogebashvili, Prof. T. Sanikidze

Marine Alpaidze – Evaluation of NeurosonologyPatterns of the Brain Posterior Circulation Disorders and Their Clinical Value

Supervisors – Prof. M. Janelidze, Prof. E. Titianova, University of Sophia, Bulgaria

Tea Bochorishvili – Insulin Resistance in Patients with HCV Infection Supervisor – Prof. E. Vashakidze

Nino Chogovadze – Clinical, Colposcopical, Cyto-Histopathological and Immunohistological Characteristics of Metaplastic Changes in Uterine Cervix

Supervisors – Prof. G. Burkadze, Prof. M. Jugeli

Teona Devdariani – Characteristics of Sensorineuronal Hearing-Loss Children with Cytomegalovirus Bearing in Pre and Low School Age

Supervisors – Prof. N. Manjavidze, Assoc. Prof. K. Gogberashvili Consultant – Prof. Z. Kevanishvili

Miranda Gudadze – The peculiarities of Stem Cell Distribution in Breast Ductal Invasive carcinomas of

Various Phenotypes Supervisor – Prof. G. Burkadze

Magda Tortladze – The Role of Oxidation and Immune Factors in Pathogenesis of Preeclampcy Supervisors – Prof. N. Kintraia, Prof. T. Sanikidz

Nino Khimshiashvili – Content of Matrix Metaloproteinases and Type IV Collagen in Periodontal Tissue at Pre and Pubertal Ages for Early Diagnosis and Prognosis of Gingivitis

Supervisor – Prof. T. Shishniashvili, Consultant - Prof. Z. Tsagareli

Meri Borjadze - Clinico-Morphological Diagnostic Algorithm for Lip Diseases Supervisors – Prof. M. Iverieli, Assoc. Prof. O. Khardzeishvili

Nana Shashiashvili - Development and Standartization of Natural Untioxidative Preparation Supervisor – Assoc. Prof. D. Berashvili

Medea Eloshvili - Epidemiology of Meningococcal Infection in Georgia Supervisors – Prof. I. Mchedlishvili, Prof. P. imnadze

Total – 15

Faculty of Medicine 2015

Nora Kokaia – Molecular Epidemiology and Clinical Characteristics of |Visceral Leishmaniosis at Modern Stage in Georgia

Supervisor – Prof. O. Zenaishvili

Megi Beruchashvili – The Morphological Changes of Cervical Epithelium in Risk-Groups of Female Population Supervisor – Assoc. Prof. Z. Topuria

Davit Elgandashvili – Optimizing the Treatment Gastroesophageal Junction of Benign Pathologies by Laparoscopic and Open Surgery Methods

Supervisors – Prof. Merab M. Kiladze, Prof. Merab A. Kiladze

Monika Sherozia – Differential Evaluation of Treatment by Physical Methods of Functional Bowel Disorders

Supervisors – Prof. G. Beradze, Assoc. Prof. Kh. Saganelidze

Paata Gudushauri – The Role of DHS Blade in Management of Pertrochanteric Femoral Fractures Supervisor – Prof. T. Nozadze

Khatuna Khijakadze – Dynamics of Kreatine Kinase MB Fraction and Troponin I, Their Correlation and Prognostic Value in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease after Successful Percutaneous Coronary Revascularization

Supervisors – Prof. N. Emukhvari, PhD. E. Tsetskhladze

Tamar Kokashvili – Detection, Ecology and Biodiversity of Vibrio Cholerae Isolated from Recreational Aquatic Envronments in Georgia

Supervisors – Assoc. Prof. G. Kamkamidze, Assoc. Prof. M. Tediashvili

Zviad Matoshvili – Early Repolarization as a Predictor of Arrhythmias Supervisor – Prof. Sh. Petriashvili

Larisa Melia – Efficiency of Simultaneous Operations in Practice Obstetrics and Gynecology Supervisor – Prof. N. Kintraia

George Kochiashvili – The Role of Alarmins in Etiopathogenesis of Interstitial Cystitis Supervisor – Prof. D. Kochoashvili

Elene Pachkoria – The Role and Importance of E Coli Infection in Diarrheal Diseases and Biliary Tract pathology

Supervisor – Prof. E. Vashakidze, PhD. T. Megrelishvili

Khatuna Rekhviashvili – Cytokines and T Regulatory Cells in the Pathogenesis of Type I Diabetes Supervisor – Prof. T. Chikovani

Maia Matohvili – The Role of CCR6 Gene and Oxidative Stress in Pathogenesis of Psoriasis – Study in Caucasian population

Supervisor – Prof. Al. Katsitadze

Manana Utiashvili - Basic Aspects of Management of Cellular and Tissue Mechanisms of Reparative Dentinogenesis and Dental Caries

Supervisors – Prof. M. Mamaladze, Consultant - Prof. D. Kordzaia

Zinaida Chanturia – Practice of GPP Implementation in Georgia Supervisors – Prof. V. Eriashvili, Assoc. Prof. T. Chumburidze

Nana Mamuchishvili – Epidemiology of Leptospirosis in Georgia Supervisors – Prof. I. Mchedlishvili, Prof. P. Imnadze

Total - 16

Faculty of Medicine 2016

Ekaterina Sheshaberidze – The Mechanisms of Ridetherapy Effectiveness at Static (Short-Legged Induced) and Lumbar Dysplastic (the I and II Degrees)

Scoliosis in Children Aged 11-16 Years Supervisors – Prof. M. Loria

Archil Sharashenidze The Role of Uteroplacental Circulatory Disturbances in the Pathogenesis of Pregnancy Complications

Supervisors – Prof. L. Kikalishvili, Prof. P. Kintraia

Dali Shonvadze - Autoinflammatory Periodic Fever in Children and Adolescents

Supervisors – Prof. K. Pagava, Prof. T. Sarkisian, PhD. I. Korinteli Natia Gamkrelidze – Changes of Microvessels Wall Functions, Properties of Erythrocytes and microrheology in Crush Syndrome Supervisors – Prof. V. Kipiani, Prof. T. Petriashvili

Gvantsa Arveladze – The Role of Lactic-Acidosis and Mitochondrial Functional Failure in Development of Neurological Syndromes and Diseases in Children and Adolescents

Supervisors – Prof. N. Geladze, Prof. T. Sanikidze

Tamar Basiladze – Differentiation the Role of Nitric Oxide and Calcitonin gene-Related Peptide in the Mechanism of the Skin Hyperemia (Experimental Study on Rats)

Supervisors – Prof. N. Gongadze, prof. G. Bekaia

Shalva Koridze – Psyco-Social Factors of the Frequency of Caesarian Section and the Ways for the Prevention of Postoperational Complications

Supervisor – Prof. P. Machavariani

Gela Metskhvarishvili – Pediatric Aspects of Bacteriophage Therapy Supervisors – Prof. K. pagava, PhD. I. Korinteli

Besari Lasareishvili – Age- Specific Characteristics of T Cell Subsets Supervisors – Prof. T. Chikovani, Prof. Pantsulaia

Ekaterine Beshkenadze – Anatomo-Morphological Features of Dental Root and |Canal System in Georgian Population

Supervisors – Assoc. Prof. N. Chipashvii, Asst. Prof. E. Mirvelashvili

Khatuna Davarashvili – Demyelination of Tooth Pulp and the Role of Ground Substance in the Reactive Change in the Mechanism of Pain Development in Case of Acute and Chronic Pulpitis

Supervisors – Prof. Assoc. N. Korsantia, Prof. Assoc. Z. Topuria Total 11

Faculty of Medicine 2017

Ketevan Berianidze – Aging Changes of Skin in Reproductive and Menopausal Period of Women Supervisors – Prof. Al. Katsitadze, prof. T. Sanikidze

Manana Ghonghadze – The Role of Antioxidants in Regulation of Hepatocytes Cytolysis in the Experimental Model of Drug Induced Liver Toxicity

Supervisors – Prof. N. Antelava

Nikoloz Avazashvili – Monitoring of Postoperative Infectious Complications after Long Bones Osteosynthesis and Large Joints Replacement Surgery for Optimization of Preventive Measures Supervisors – Prof. T. Nozadze, Prof. I. Mchedlishvili

Khatuna Gegenava – Hearing Function in Smokers: Data of Georgian Citizens Supervisors – Prof. Sh. Japaridze, Prof. Z. Kevanishvili

David Kobeshavidze – Microbiological Monitoring of Nosocomial Purulent-Inflammatory Infections in Newborns and Puerperas

Supervisors – Prof. D. Chikviladze

Nino Jojua – The Role of Nitric Oxide and Dimethyl Sufoxide in Formation of Penumbra Characteristics Caused by Development of Ischemic Stroke

Supervisors – Prof. N. Gongadze, prof. N. Mitagvaria

Mariam Kharaishvili – Postpartum Acute Infection: Epidemiology, the Risk Factors and Their Role in the Pathogenesis of Fertility in Women Population of Reproductive Age

Supervisor – Prof. P. machavariani

Margarita Gogoladze – Hernioplasty with New Antiseptic Polymeric Biocomposite Meshes Supervisors – Prof. M. Kiladze, Prof. Chkhikvadze

Nino Lomidze - Epidemiological Markers of IgE Mediated Food Allergy in Allergic Patients Supervisors – Prof. M. Gotua, Prof. G. Simonia

Koba Sivsivadze – Chemical-Toxicological Analysis of Some Antipsychotic Drugs of Second Generation

Supervisors – Prof. T. Murtazashvili, Prof. M. Jokhadze

Sophio Gokadze – Development of State-of-the-Art Wound and Burn Healing Finished Forms on the Basis of a New Plant Biopolymer

Supervisors – Prof. Al. bakuridze, PhD V. Barbakadze

Nino Mirzikashvili – The Perspective for Improving Adolescent Healthcare Services at Primary Healthcare Level in Georgia

Supervisor – Prof. L. Baramidze Total 12

Faculty of Medicine  2018

Tamta Arzrumelashvili - Guided Percutaneous Biopsy in the Diagnosis of Chest Pathologies Supervisor – Prof. M. Mizandari

Davit Gunia – Endovascular Treatment of Acutely Ruptured Intracranial Saccular Aneurism during Vasospasm

Supervisor – Prof. G. Ingorokva

Nin Gogotishvili - Effect of Prenatal Anticonvulsants on Children from 3 to 6 Years of Age Supervisor – Prof. N. Khachapuridze

Nino Kantaria – The Role of Endogenous Ouabaine and Marinobufagenin in Essential Hypertension Supervisor – Prof. G. Simonia

Nino Pruidze – Age Related Characteristics of Erythrocyte Life Span, Morphofunctional Variations and Eryptosis in a Practically Healthy Human

Supervisors – Prof. R. Khetsuriani, Prof. Al. Tsibadze

Nino Tskhvediani – Infrared and Visible Radiation Induced Free Radical Formation in Human Body Supervisors – Prof. Al. katsitadze, Prof. Al. Tsibadze

Guranda Lortkipanidze – Isolated and Lung Associated GTB in Georgia Supervisors – Prof. K. Vacharadze, Prof. N. Kintraia

Shota Bolkvadze – Treatment of Long Bone Nonunion with Cortical Intramedullary Autografts Supervisors – Prof. G. Tomadze, N. Kacharava

Lasha Japaridze – Effect of Atorvastatin Combined with Ezetimibe for Treatment of Acute Coronary Syndrome

Supervisor – Prof. I. Megreladze

Mariam Khundadze - Clinical and Psychological Characteristics of Somatoform and Anxiety Disorders in Children and Adolescents

Supervisors – Prof. N. Geladze, Prof. R. Sakvarelidze

Nato Pantsulaia – The Role of Pro and Anti-Inflammatory Cytokines in Aging Process Supervisor – Prof. T. Chikovani

Ketevan Mazmishvili – Effect of Radiofrequency Thermal Ablation on Adaptive Immune Response in Patients with Hepatic Cancer

Supervisors – Prof. T. Chikovani, Assoc. Prof. N. Janikashvili

A.Tkeshelashvili – Transcervical Femoral Fractures and Surgical Treatment with Biaxial Fixation Supervisors – Prof. T. Nozadze, N. Kacharava

Tamar Nikuradze – Prognostic Significance of the Algorithm of Genetic Disorders for Laryngeal Tumor Radiotherapy Side Effects

Supervisors – Prof. O. Urushadze, Prof. A. Zedgenidze

Sopio Tatishvili – The Role of Depression in Acute Coronary Syndrome Supervisors – Prof. G. Kavtaradze, Prof. D. Gordeladze

Nana Mgaloblishvili - Assessment of Pathophysiological and Clinical Significance of Expired Nitric Oxide in Patients with Bronchial Asthma

Supervisors – M. Gotua, V. Kipiani

Faculty of Stomatology 2018

Giorgi Lagvilava - The Issue of Optimal Surgical Treatment for Upper and Middle Zone of Facial Injury Combined with Cranial Trauma

Supervisor – Prof. Z. Gvenetadze

Levan Morchadze - Dental Status of the Elderly and Optimization of Orthopedic Service in Imereti Region Supervisor - Ph.D V. Margvelashvili

Jilda Cheishvili – Strategy of Demographic Policy and Demographic Analysis of Georgia Supervisor – Assoc. prof. I. Zarnadze

Faculty of Pharmacy 2018

Aleksandre Tsertsvadze - Physicochemical and Pharmacotechnological Assessment of Sphagnum Peat Peloids Prevalent in Kolkheti Lowland

Supervisors - Prof. D. Berashvili, Doctor of Biology I. Machutadze

Faculty of Public Health 2018

Jilda Cheishvili – Strategy of Demographic Policy and Demographic Analysis of Georgia

Supervisor – Prof. Assoc. prof. I. zarnadze

Eka Elashvili – Epidemiology and Epizootiology of Tularemia in Georgia Supervisors – Assoc.Prof. D. Gelovani, Prof. P. Imnadze

Sopio Chincharadze – Epidemiology of Congenital Cleft Lip and Palate in Georgia Supervisors - Prof. Z. Vadachkoria, Prof. I. mchedlishvili

Giorgi Sikharulidze – Mediation Analysis of Posttraumatic Stress and Comorbidity in Public Healthcare Management

Supervisors – Assoc.Prof. Z. Sikharulidze Total 23

Faculty of Medicine 2019

Nino Tsiskarishviili – Characteristics of Pathogenesis and Treatment of Vitiligo Supervisors - Prof. Al. Katsitadze, Assoc.Prof. E. Chkonia

Ana Archvadze - Clinical and Pharmacological Basis for the Use of Aliskerin in Diabetic Patients with Peripheral Neuropathy

Supervisors - Prof. Al. Kistauri

Levan Chachia – Epidemiology and Hormonal and Metabolic Characteristics of Hirsutism in Women at Early Reproductive Age

Supervisors – Assoc.Prof. B. Tkeshelashvili

Nikoloz Onashvili – Anatomical Variations of Hepatic Arterial Blood Supply in Hepatocellular Carcinoma and Significance of CT Imaging in Percutaneous Intervantional Procedures Supervisors - Prof. M. Mizandari

Konstantine Chakhunashvili – Placental Umbilical Artery 3D Matrix and Its Use in Surgery of Biliary Atresia

Supervisors – Prof. Z. Kakabadze, Prof. I. Pavlenishvil

Lia Gubeladze – Identification and Characterization of Bacillus Anthracis Specific Bacteriophage Supervisors – Assoc. Prof. M. Tediashvili, PhD. G. Kamkamidze

Marika Tsereteli – Clinical and Epidemiological Characterization of Carbapenem Resistant

Enterobacteriaceae and Clostridium Dificile Infections in Georgia Supervisor – Prof. El. Vashakidze

Natia Morchiladze – Epidemiology, Clinical-Hormonal Characteristics and Outcome of Thyroid Pathology in Pregnant Women

Supervisor – Assoc. Prof. B. Tkeshelashvili

Merab Kapanadze – The Techniques of Soft Tissue Release for Total Hip Arthroplasty in Dysplastic Coxarthrosis (Crowe iii iv) Secondary to Congenital Hip Dislocation

Supervisor – Prof. T. Nozadze

Tamar imnadze – Efficacy of Chronic HCV Antiviral Therapy in Prisoners Supervisor – Prof. El. Vashakidze

Zaza Nakudashvili - Several Aspects of Denture Associated Oral Cavity Disorders and Analysis of Prophilactic Measures

Supervisor –Prof. T. sanikidze, PhD. S. Mghebrishvili

Faculty of Pharmacy 2019

Tamar Masyukovich - Study of Silt-Sulphide Peloids Prevalent in Adjara Region for Medical and Cosmetological Purposes

Supervisors – Prof. Al. Bakuridze, Prof. T. Murtazashvili

Ana Gaprindashvili – Study of Clays Prevalent in Adjara Region for Medical and Cosmetological Purposes

Supervisors – Prof. D. Berashvili, prof. G. Mikaia Total 13



Faculty of Medicine 2020

Tsiskar Tsiskarishvili – Pathogenesis and Treatment of Early Forms of Rosacea Supervisors – Prof. N. Antelava, Prof. A. Katsitadze

Kakhaber Giorgadze – Issues of Interrelation of Mental Health and Religion in the Georgian Orthodox Congregation

Supervisors – Prof. R. Shengelia, prof. N. Durglishvili

Ketevan Kankava - Epigenetics of Breast Cancer in Georgian Female Population Supervisors – Prof. E. Abzianidze, Prof. G. Burkadze

Irma Korinteli – Modern State of Antibacterial Medication Use and Ways of Optimization Supervisors – Prof. K. Paghava, Prof. I. Mchedlishvili

Vera Munjishvili - Epigenetics and Peculiarities of Prolifarative Activity of Ovarian Epithelial Tumors (Adenoma, Borderline Tumor, Adenocarcinoma) in Reproductive Women

Supervisor – Prof. G. Burkadze

Nona Chikvaidze - Peculiarities of Trophoblastic Disease in Spontaneous Abortions Supervisors – Prof. N. Kintraia, Prof. G. Burkadze

Ketevan Manjgaladze - Role of Cervical Microenvironment in the Development of Neoplastic Processes Supervisors - Assoc. Prof. G. tevdorashvili, Prof. G. Burkadze

Nino Kapanadze - Pro and Anti-Inflammatory Systemic Cytokine Response in Children with Pneumonia Supervisors – Prof. I. Chkhaidze, Prof.I. Pantsulaia

Marta Apkhazava – Receptor, Hormonal and Psychophysiological Correlates of Individual Differences of Pain Sensation

Supervisors – Prof. I. Kvachadze, Prof. M. Tsagareli

Nana Kikalishvili – Proliferative Stem Cell Index and Phenotypic Characteristics of Endometrial Hyperplasia, Displazia and Adenocarcinoma

Supervisor – Prof. R. Beriashvili

D. Chkonia - Innovative Intervention Methods for the Complications of the Respiratory Diseases Supervisor – Prof. K. Vacharadze

N. Kobeshavidze -Microbiological Surveyllance on Preemies with Nosocomial Purulent and Inflammatory Complications in Neonatal Period

Supervisor – Prof. D. Chikviladze

Faculty of Stomatology 2020

Otar Vadachkoria – Effects of Different Methods of Root Canal Preparation and Obturation on Endodontic Therapy

Supervisor - Assoc. Prof. N. Chipashvili

Faculty of Public Health 2020

Lela Murusidze – Human Resources Management in Healthcare and New Strategy Supervisor - Assoc. Prof.| I. Zarnadze

Lia Gumbaridze – Universal Healthcare System in Georgia and its Analysis Supervisor - Prof. L. Baramidze

Archil Undilashvili – The Role of Continuous Medical Education in Public Healthcare Supervisor – Prof. R. Beriashvili, Assoc. Prof. E. Ekaladze

Nino Vashakidze – Retrospective Analysis of Prognostic Factors Influencing Survival Period in Female Breast Cancer Patients

Supervisors - Prof. R. Ghvamichava, prof. N. mebonia

I. Gvilava - Study of Radioprotective Effects of Bioactive Substances in Animal Research Supervisors - Prof. T. Sanikidze, Assoc. Prof. M. Giorgobiani

Total 18

Faculty of Medicine 2021

O. Tsertsvadze - Comperative Clinical Analysis of Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic Acrylic Intraocular Lenses in Cataract Surgery

Supervisor – Prof. M. Dvali

N. Tsagareli - Role of Opioid and Cannabinoid Systems of the Limbic Areas in Pain Modulation Supervisors - Prof. I. Kvachadze, Prof. M Tsagareli

Z. Manizhashvili - Optimization of Surgical treatment of acute Pancreatitis with Modern Technologies Supervisors - Prof. N. Lomidze, Prof. G. Akhaladze

D. Chakhunashvili - Anterolateral Abdominal Wall Defect Reconstruction with Biological 3D Membrane Supervisors - Prof. Z. Kakabadze, Prof. L. Kikalishvili

K. Jandieri - Biliary and Vascular Elements of Portal System in Mechanical Cholestasis Supervisors - Prof. I. Chanukvadze, Prof. L. Kikalishvili

N. Naneishvili - Interconnection of Nonverbal Intelligence Indicator and Social Functioning in Child and Adolescent-onset Schizophrenia

Supervisor – Prof. T. Silagadze

N. Solomonia - Effect of Adequate Anti TB Treatment Regimen on the Disease Process and Outcome Supervisor – Prof. K. Vacharadze

K. Lobzhanidze - Markers of Exacerbation of Lung Function in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary disease Supervisors - Prof. R. Tabukashvili, Prof. M. Sulakvelidze

G. Pkhakadze - Characteristics of Progression Markers of Cervical Neoplasia at Reproductive Age Supervisor – Prof. Z. Bokhua

T. Muzashvili - Peculiarities of Expression of Sex Hormone Receptors and BRAF Mutations in Coexisting Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and Papillary Carcinoma

Supervisor – Prof. G. Burkadze

A. Gokhelashvili - Role of Progesterone in the Regulation of T Cell Immune Response Supervisor – Prof. T. Sanikidze

Faculty of Pharmacy 2021

L. Ebralidze - Emprovement of Design and Technology of Alkaloid Containing Anticancer Medications

of Plant Origin with Natural excipients and Nanotechnology Supervisor – Prof. D. Berashvili

Faculty of Public Health 2021

A. Makalatia - Assessment of Awareness of Oral Health in Georgian Population Supervisors – Assoc. Prof. N. Chipashvili, Assoc. Prof. E. Mirvelashvili

N. Gokieli - Study and Assessment of Issues Associated with Social Protection and Security of Georgian Population

Supervisors – Prof. Sh. Zarnadze, Prof. B. Zurashvili Total – 14

Faculty of Medicine 2022

E. Labadze - Dynamics of Anemia, Inflammation and Hemorrheologic Parameters in Patients with Gastric Cancer (with or without Splenectomy) in the Postsurgical Period

Supervisor – Assoc. Prof. N. Narsia

Z. Maglapheridze - The Role of Insulin-Like Growth Factor-1 and Insulin in Developing Colorectal Cancer

Supervisor – Assoc. Prof. V. Kapetivadze

V. Akhalkatsi - The Effect of the Combined Utilization of Static Progressive Stretching and Phonophoresis with Hydrocortisone in the Rehabilitation Process of Knee Contractures Caused by Arthrofibrosis Supervisors – Emer. Prof. E. Kartvelishvili, Assoc. Prof. M. Matoshvili

D. Maissuradze - Echocardiographic Basics of Optimization Clinical Management of Patients with Metabolic Syndrome

Supervisor – Emer. Prof. A. Kistauri

M. Jgharkava - Age-Related Changes of Adipokines and Inflammatory Cytokines in  the Georgian Population

Supervisors – Assoc. Prof. I.Pantsulaia, Assoc. Prof. N. Karanadze, Prof.T.Chikovani (consultant)

K. Gotsiridze - The Role of Immunological factors in Recurrent Pregnancy loss Supervisor – Prof. N. Kintraia

N. Bochorishvili - Neurocognitive Disorders in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Supervisor – Prof. M. Janelidze

M. Gotsadze - Intracardiac Hemodynamics and Hemorheological Changes in Various Forms of Flutter Supervisors – Assoc. Prof. N. Narsia

T. Kvaratskhelia - MTHFR Gene Polymorphism and Epigenetic Changes in Several Types of Hypothyroidism

Supervisors – Prof. Emer. E. Abzianize, Assoc. Prof. E. Kvaratskhelia

I. Aghdgomelashvili - Enhanced Recovery after Colorectal Surgery Supervisors – Prof. B. Mosidze, D.M.Sc S. Kajaia

N. Saralidze - Auditory Function in Music Player Users Supervisors – Prof. Z. Kevanishvili, Assoc. Prof. L. Lomidze

K. Abuladze - Mechanisms of Changes in Pro-and Anti-Oxidant Systems, Nitric Oxide and Erythrocytes during Alloxan Diabetes

Supervisors – Prof. N. Pavliashvili, Prof. T. Sanikidze

A. Bakradze - Electromyographic Correlates of Masticatory Muscles and Orthodontic Status in Different Types of Breathing Modes

Supervisors – Prof. Z. Vadachkoria, Prof. I. Kvachadze

E. Bukhnikashvili - Epidemiological Indicators of Oral Mucosal and Periodontal Diseases and Conditions Associated with HIV\AIDS in Georgia

Supervisors – Assoc. Prof. N. Abashidze, Asst. Prof. N. Didbaridze, PhD M. Tsintsadze

M. Gogotishvili - The Use of Lazolex during Complex Treatment of Chronic Recurrent Herpetic and Aphthous Stomatitis

Supervisors – Prof B. Korsantia, Assoc. Prof. N. Abashidze

F. Japaridze - Epidemiology, Planning and Organization of Preventive Measures and Dental Services for the Main Dental Diseases of the Population of the Adjara Region

Supervisors – Assoc. Prof.  N. Shonia, PhD M. Bakradze

Faculty of Pharmacy 2022

E. Pruidze - Continued Professional Education for Appropriate Pharmaceutical Care in Accordance with Good Pharmacy Practice (GPP)

Supervisor – Assoc. Prof. T. Tchumburidze

R. Zazadze - Development of Targeted Delivery and Foaming Tablets from “Golden Standard” of

Helicobacter Pylori Eradication and Mastic Gum Supervisor – Prof. A. Bakuridze

 Faculty of Public Health 2022

S. Japaridze - Hygienic and Functional Correlates of Health Effects of the Employees of Municipal Transport

Supervisors – Prof. I. Kvachadze, Assoc. Prof. M. Tsimakuridze

K. Stvilia - Characteristics of Hepatitis C Epidemic and Effectiveness of the Treatment and Prophilactic Measures in the Population of Tbilisi in Terms of Disease Elimination

Supervisors – Prof. N. Vepkhvadze, Prof. T. Tsertsvadze Total - 20